Bangkok, Thailand


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Hiring someone to manage your investment is a big decision, so you need to do your research before choosing one. Important qualities to look for include organization, honesty and actual experience and that’s exactly what we are. Our goal is to give you the best professional service:


Here in Find Thai Space, we will help you advertise your property to the right audience. We understand what attracts clients, and we are able to suggest making cosmetic improvements to help makeover the property for quick sale/rent. We are also sending a newsletter to over 500 real estate agents every week to market your property faster.

Setting Rent

Our team knows how to set the right sale/rent level to attract clients to your property. We have an understanding of the market where the property is located and have looked at comparable properties in the area.

Collecting Rent

We play the role of the enforcer. We ensure optimal cash flow by setting a date to collect rent each month and strictly enforcing late fees.

Maintenance and repairs

We have a team of contractor that will help you with your problems with electrical wiring, plumbing, painting, etc.. We also conduct a 3 month basis inspection of the unit then provide the owner a written report to update.

Handling Leases

We are responsible for setting the length of the lease and making sure it has all the necessary provisions to protect both tenant and landlord.